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During the finals on TX2K16 Unlimited Class Roll Racing Series, the Nissan GT-R with 1600 HP decided to reflected with the twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo of 2000 HP … But he was replaced by Huracan, after 10 years of rule, Gallardo is the legend of motorsports and one of the best cars that have ever made. …

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Check Out This GTR Hard Crash, Street Racing

It might hurt a little to watch. So, it’s one of those things you would otherwise like to see, heavily modified classic American car with a big ol ‘V8 goes up against the new GT-R. But this has gone horribly wrong almost immediately. See the video below proves wrong the old idea that absolutely anyone …

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Nissan GT-R with 1600 HP lost the hood at 290 km / h

This GT-R with 1600+ HP drove at 180 + mph ( 290 km/h) when the hood decides that it is OUT! As you can see in the video below, the owner tries by using a strip to keep the air from under the hood, but it obviously was not enough. Itself power of the air …

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Dubai Police shows off supercars

Dubai is a place where the supercars are at home. If you are a member of the police, you will probably be able a chase some of them in an attempt to stop them, and for this you need a lot of power under the hood. Which vehicles are used for this? You’ll find out …

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WOW! Turbo SRT-8 Jeep Beats Everything!

She’s big but she’s got the power! This Jeep SRT-8 is no punk! Capable of 1200hp! This Nasty Jeep out of 1200hp sure was impressing the hell out of us with 440ci 7.3L Hemi SRT8 and Twin Turbos under the hood,which give a amazing sound Check this out…….

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The explosion of the tire on the Nissan GT-R at 203 Mph

The explosion of the tire on the Nissan GT-R at 203 Mph A high-speed exercise supersport cars bring with them and something that many owners forget – the danger of explosion tires! Explosions tire in regular traffic is increasingly a thing of the past, but from time to time, it happens that premium tires such …

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