An Oil Change For the Bugatti Veyron Costs As Much As Buying Another Car

The Veyron model is one of the most expensive cars in the world …

For the average Veyron model you need to set aside about $ 3 million, and the price may continue to rise depending on the equipment and model you take. However, the expense invested in this supercar does not stop there. Like any other car, the Bugatti must be maintained and regularly serviced. And there are supplies that require regular replacement, and that only represents a real expense.

The most basic service, which involves changing filters and oil, will cost the owner $ 25,000. Since this service is done once a year, you can calculate how much you spend on this 1200 hp monster service. The other thing that changes most often with these kinds of cars is the tires, and the cost for a set of 4 tires for the Bugatti Veyron model costs about $ 38,000. If you want to change the wheels with your tires, then you count on spending about $ 60,000, which means that for a new set of wheels you will be able to buy a fairly good and new car, which can also be luxurious and fast.

Of course, changing body parts and working on more complicated and expensive engine failures can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and with some repairs, more than a million dollars.

So, it’s not enough to have $ 3 million to drive this car. It is necessary to constantly have a huge influx of money to maintain it, as Veyron is the right bank account spending machine.

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