Why You Shouldn’t Drink That Water You Found in the Car?

We’ve all been there – after a walk to the car in the scorching heat, you find a full bottle of water rolling around the floorboard. As you unscrew the cap and blast the AC you have a flittering thought: how long has this water bottle been here? But a moment later it passes as you quench your thirst with lukewarm mystery water.

Many immediately take a few sips of water because the water has no expiration date. But right here is the biggest mistake!

The water, which has been in the car for several days and exposed to the sun, completely changes its chemical composition!

Namely, if the outside temperature is around 85F, inside the car it will be 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the car is exposed to the sun for several hours, the interior of a typical car can reach 131 to 172 degrees Fahrenheit. Can you imagine what happens to water in a plastic bottle?

Here’s what happens:

Research has been conducted on this topic, plastic bottles emitting “bisphenol A” at such temperatures, which mimics the release of estrogen and contributes to hormone imbalance.

This element is also associated with diabetes as well as weight gain.

Moreover, hot plastic drains “antimony”, a dangerous element for human health.

Therefore, plastic bottles, even if they are not open, always store in a cool and dark place to avoid all these risks to your health!

Source: https://www.pelicanwater.com

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