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Vikings Go Wild

Watch out, they are coming. No one is safe when they decide to invade the country, run, run. An avalanche on coins will bury you, gold and silver will shine all around you, the screams will cover the valley, prepare yourself for the most exciting adventure, prepare yourself for the most incredible and scary people …

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The New Ferrari Hybrid Will Cost $675,000

The power of the drive system will be around 1000 hp. Ferrari Chief Executive Louis Camilleri managed to surprise the automotive world a few days ago when he announced a new hybrid model that the brand will present on May 31st. This is officially confirmed, and the big news is that the hybrid hypercar will …

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Porsche Was Fined Half A Billion Euros

The penalty is to manipulate the harmful emissions data Prosecutors in Stuttgart closed investigations of the company Porsche, which was suspected of manipulating emissions data. By decision of the city, court manufacturer was fined half a billion euros, the leadership of Porsche accepts the verdict and will appeal it. According to the data obtained during …

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Police in Germany seize 120 sports cars during Eurorally ‘race’

Police seize 120 sports cars during Eurorally ‘race’ through Germany Eurorally participants have used local highways without speed limits German police seized 120 sports cars, which are supposed to have participated in a Eurorally ‘race’ in most of Europe. Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW seized on Thursday on the A20 motorway in the northeast of the …

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The Legendary Director Of FCA Died In The 66th Year

A former director of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group, Sergio Marchionne, died due to complications during shoulder surgery … The announcement came from the heir of the FCA group John Elan: “Unfortunately, what we most feared has happened. Sergio Marchionne, a great man and a friend, is no longer with us.” said John Elan Sergio …

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