$ 150 000 dealer markup for Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

It’s a controversial subject for any car dealer who charges extra for a hot car.

Well, it’s up to the dealers to decide at what certain price to sell their product and not to the manufacturers. It’s known that dealers by understanding their market make the living.

Feels like gouging to many costumers when marking up a new model, while manufacturers even being flattered by the attention they try to fight these dealer impulses.

A car that sets a new standard for audacity is the following one: a Dodge Challenger Hellcat with a six figures on its sticker price – $150 000!

In one of the Dodge forums during the weekend was presented a photo showing a car dealer from San Diego asking to “adjust the market” that will raise the cost of Hellcat with 707 hp to astounding $212 175! Just for comparison that’s double the price of brand new Dodge Viper! Executives from Dodge were aware of this price adjustment so they have set some new rules concerning selling Hellcats, the more dealers sell them, the more he gets.

Dodge Challenger hellcat

On dealers lots for the search of Hellcats listed visible are the price tags that are up to $20 000 higher. So if you are not in need for a more special Hellcat, paying only $20 000 you will be able to get it much more sooner.

So it’s really a controversial subject why would a car dealer think that it’s a good idea to triple the prize of a Hellcat?! We have to admit that comparing to European sport cars, $20 000 prize seems pretty attractive and draws an attention. But Hellcat worth $212 175 has no chances in competing with similar European sports cars like Porche, Mercedes AMG’s, Aston Martin or Bentley. Cant blame us for being suspicious about the fact that Hellcat priced like this isn’t going anywhere fast sometimes soon.

UPDATE- Name of the dealer in question is Perry Dodge Chrysler Jeep and he seems to have told the Motor Authority that a car in question with that sticker price was obviously a mistake, It’s been taken off and left without any price tag at the moment, but first provided information by Dodge was obviously accurate.

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