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The Best Muscle Cars Then and Now – What Ranks Highest In 2020?

The long-gone golden era of the best muscle cars is a faint memory these days. One of those charming memories that send quivers down our spine and warm our revhead hearts at the same time. Although today’s muscle cars aren’t nearly as well-known as their distant ancestors from the 1960s and 1970s, at least they are still about. Aside from being straight …

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10 Obscure and Weird Supercars You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

They are ornaments for any private collection, amazingly combining beauty and ugliness, grace, and disharmony. In addition, they are the embodiment of great ideas, which, however, have long been forgotten. Their creation requires enormous resources – both intellectual and financial, but this can be a huge problem for small producers. They put everything into such a car, hoping that thanks to its …

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1932 Marmon HCM V12, Most Advanced Car, Most Untimely

When RM Auctions closed its Meadowbrook sales in 2007, the highest bid for a 1932 Marmon prototype that, had it been volume-produced, could claim to be the most advanced car in North America. Despite this, it boasts one of the most beautiful in America and was designed by Walter Dorwin Teague, the son of William Dorwin Teague, a famous industrial designer who …

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“Storie Alfa Romeo”, 9th episode: – 8C Competizione, Between Tradition and Future

8C Competizione also meant a return to its roots and a kind of laboratory for the future, it showed its identity, values and stylistic and technical references: optimal weight/strength ratio, perfect balance, and precision control The motto of the world, faced with the challenge of the third millennium, stops for a moment to admire the new jewel of the Alfa Romeo brand: …

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