Will the Most Famous American Muscle Cars go Electric?

The previous practice, as well as all speculations, went in the direction that the American V8 beasts will enter a silent phase.

The first to “go astray”, albeit only in name, was Ford. Mustang’s name has entered the world of electricity, and in a very good market way. In fact, Mustang’s name was used for an electric crossover, which in the end was well received by the audience both in America and in Europe.

Many are now wondering what will happen to the original Mustang. One of the most popular sports models in the world recently got an almost racing version, and the latest generation also has a powerful V8 engine.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed the future of the Mustang. Asked if the Mustang will experience an octane future like the Porsche 911, Farley revealed the plan for the next ten years.

“So when you say, could it be an all-electric Mustang coupe? No, probably not. But, could there be a partially electrified Mustang coupe — and a world-class one? Yes,” Farley said, according to Bloomberg.

There is no doubt that Ford is working on several fronts, and the decision will largely depend on market trends. For now, it is the safest hybrid successor, but the electric option should not be ruled out. After all, we could already see the electric Mustang with 900 HP at SEMA. You have to live in the present, and it consists of the Mustang GTD (pictured), a road version of the racing GT3 powered by a 5.2 V8 engine with over 800 hp. Its price is 300,000 dollars.

When it comes to Mustang’s rivals, the Camaro is on the verge of sunset with a questionable successor. There is an idea for the Camaro to become a separate sub-brand, but also for it to be exclusively an electric model.

The current Dodge Challenger is also retiring, and could return as an electric model. Its bigger brother, the Charger, will be an electric model in Daytona form, and there is a possibility of launching a hybrid version led by a 3.0 inline twin-turbo six-cylinder. It is certain that the Hemi will go down in history.

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