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This Amateur Driver of BMW i8 Made A Ridiculous Accident

An unusual video comes to us from the southern part of Europe, exactly, Serbia…the place(city) where the accident occurred is not known The driver of the BMW i8 – whether intentionally made this accident or is a big amateur, we don’t know – we leave you to send us your thoughts in the comments!

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Is This The Best Commercial Advertisement For The Cars Ever

Look at the genius advertisement for Audi cars … Audi is definitely one of the most popular but also the finest car manufacturers of today. This company has become a synonym for quality and comfortable cars, and popular cars such as the A4, A6, and Q7 still dominate the streets. Of course, Audi has its …

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According to Porsche, These Are The Best-Sounding Porsches Ever

Porsche makes cars that drive phenomenally well. Additionally, they sound pretty awesome as well. Throughout its history, Porsche has been recognized to put out a few top-sounding cars. The unique horizontally-opposed engine layout and motorsports-derived technology used in many road Porsches produce delightful exhaust notes that make any enthusiast’s ears perk up. Porsche has released …

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