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Equus Bass 770 new American muscle car with a technique Corvette C6 ZR1 and a design of  Ford Mustang Fastback and Dodge Challenger – speeds up to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, and can pull up to top speed 200 mph – 

The legendary American muscle car caused a lot of interest, and found their major roles in some cult movies which have left a big mark on his equally legendary action scenes – Ford Mustang in ‘Bullitt’, the Dodge Challenger R / T from “Vanishing Point” and Mustang in the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’.

We could say that all these three qualities listed muscle emperor united in a new interpretation american musclecar called the Equus Bass 770

equus_bass 770
equus_bass 770

Equus Automotive Company is headquartered in Rochester Hills, about 24 mp north of Detroit,so their was no problem to make a new car  Equus Bass  770

From outside does not hide that body design inspired by old model muscle Emperor Ford Mustang Fastback Model 1967 / 68 This is most evident when you look at it from the side, while the rear part of the body formed by old car Dodge Challenger.

With a length of 4.93 meters Equus Bass 770 is located between the current model Mustang and Challenger.

The high is 1.39 meters. The name ‘Bass 770’ is essentially an homage to the old Mustang (original Boss paraphased name Bass) who once had the tags ‘Boss 351’ and ‘Boss ‘429’, and 2012-Ford’s launch of the car Mustang Boss 302 surely you are interested and technique that is under body  Equus Bass 770 has an aluminum chassis and bodywork of aluminum and several parts of carbon.

According to the mass of cars retained the more acceptable 1.650 kg. Technically speaking Equus Bass 770 is made on the basis of car Corvette ZR1 C6 generation.

This is under the long front cover grumbles 6.2 V8 petrol engine with maximum power compressor 647 hp at 3,800 r / min and maximum torque is 820 Nm.

equus_bass 770

That is more than enough for speeds up to 60 mp / h in just 3.4 seconds, and can pull up to top speed 200 mp / h. To transfer to the rear wheels (of course) is in charge of manual transmission with six degrees.

To stop super strong and super fast Equus Bass 770 charge ceramic brakes with model Corvette ZR1, and the same car was taken and electronic suspension system.

Equus Bass 770 is reportedly obtained all necessary permits and for sale in Europe, although it is not small even in the U.S., where costs between 185,000 and $ 220,000

Do not miss the attractive VIDEO EQUUS BASS  770 at link:

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