10 Strange And Expensive Car Accessories – Some Of Them Cost Even More Than A Luxury Car

Another time we showed you various accessories or additional options offered by car manufacturers. This time, however, it will be about company accessories that repeat the shape of the car or its detail. Some of them are not sold freely, but others can be ordered from the manufacturer and delivered for a fee.

See the 10 accessories in the gallery:

Carbon audio system

This system is made of carbon, repeating the shape of Lamborghini exhaust pipes. It was created with the participation of the company iXOOST. The same principles are used in the production as in the making of a sports car – only the best materials and handmade. The price is the same as for a new car, and from the middle class – $ 28,400.

Toy garage

This toy garage for cars is offered by Bentley, as well as in the style of the stands of the British brand at the big car show. On it, children can show their entire collection of strollers, with a manually operated elevator, petrol station, car wash, and even a helicopter pad. And the price is not so serious – 85 sterling pounds or around $105

Porsche 911 GT3 style audio system

Another very impressive-looking audio system for fans of fast cars. It was created by Porsche Design specialists who drew inspiration from the Porsche 911 GT3 model. In this case, the price is $ 3250.

Champagne set

This champagne set is available from the Rolls-Royce brand and can be used both at home and for a walk in the fresh air. As long as, of course, someone pays 37,000 pounds. It was created by the Bespoke Design division.

MINI style audio system

Unfortunately, the sound system in the style of the British brand can not be bought even at best. Simply, the entire circulation of the limited series was bought immediately after its premiere in 2010.

Furniture from Mercedes-Benz

In addition to the production of furniture, Mercedes-Benz is actively involved in the manufacture of designer furniture, as one example of this is the chair in the photo. It was created with the participation of the famous Italian furniture company Formitalia Luxury Group, as part of a collection. It is limited and exhibited in a museum, which means that there is no way to buy it.

Jaguar Shoes

Jaguar, together with the Italian factory Oliver Sweeney, created special shoes for drivers. Initially, the shoe was made of clay to evaluate its design and functionality and then printed in 3D using composite materials. The sole is as soft as possible to make the pedals feel better. The price per pair is 325 pounds.

Seats from Bugatti

The seats were created on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the manufacturer of hypercars. Accordingly, their number is 110, and they are available in several different colors. It is not reported how much they cost, but this is unlikely to be a problem for the owner of a model of the brand.

Dog kit

In 2018, Land Rover offered a set of equipment designed specifically for transporting dogs. It includes a carrying bag, a platform for loading in the trunk, and a water bowl, which is rubberized to prevent slipping. The value of this accessory starts at 360 pounds but can reach 900 pounds.

Bentley bag

Another product of the British manufacturer of luxury cars – a leather bag. It is identical to the material used in the salon of the brand’s models. Different options and colors are available, with prices starting at $ 5,500.

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