1968 Dodge Charger and 1969 Dodge Daytona – a real treat for fans of muscle cars

1968 Dodge Charger and 1969 Dodge Daytona two real cars from the last century

A real treat for lovers of muscle cars

In 1968, Charger cracks its way to the muscle car elite. The changes were huge, the whole new aggressive design followed, the central console had not divided the seats anymore,and the rear end decorated four round lights. The front mask still hides the headlights and was one piece, but instead of a luminous chrome, the black plastic of the predominant appearance was ready to lick blood in the veins while looking at the rear view mirror, urging an unfortunate driver to slide or be sucked up as soon as possible. In spite of its predominant appearance, a regular six-cylinder 225 cubic inch engine was introduced, but the R / T (road and track) package, which was reserved for 440 Magnum and 426 HEMI engines, was also introduced. Charger became part of the “Scat Pack” vehicle, along with Coronet and Dart, and it also came in the Bumblebie stripe package, with two lines at the back of the vehicle.

… because for the needs of NASCAR, the Charger 500, Charger, was developed in 500 copies, of which 392 were intended for the street. All of them came with stronger braking systems and shock absorbers adapted for greater challenges, 67 of them were HEMI, 27 of which were four-speed and 40 Torquefilt.

… so that the Daytona Charger has been developed and a few hours after its discovery, despite the high price Dodge gets reservations for over a thousand copies. NASA had a share in improving the aerodynamics of this vehicle, which received a sharp top instead of a conventional front grille, as well as a huge spoiler on the car’s car, which was about half a meter high.

Although the Charger 500 did not show up on Superspeedways as Dodge expected, it was still a short-run boss. In the 1969 season, Bobby Isaac won 17 short race tracks in the Charger 500 while Bobby Allison added 4 more.
The 1970s were no worse, Isaac defeated 10 of his 11 races by Charger 500, while the remaining win came in Dayton.

However, Dayton was not as big a success as it may be. In 1969 the season of Dayton won the race at Talladega, but after that did not win any superspeedway (the win was mostly scored by Plymouth Superbird).

Dodge Charger And dodge daytonA

Dodge Charger And dodge daytonA

Approximately both cars equally strong and appealing, and under the hood is a powerful V8 engine of 515 horse power.

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