2013 Mustang Barbie Power Wheels Fly off a Dyno!

Guys at DBR High Performance usually put a lot of muscle on the dino, including cars like the Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, and even a couple of Jeep Cherokees.

In any case, the owner of the shop bought a Barbie Power Wheels vehicle for his daughter and was curious as to what kind of power he was dealing with. The very thought of putting a children’s toy on a dino is ridiculous as hell, but “strapping it down”, adding a cooling fan so it doesn’t overheat, and the black gloves worn by the “tuner” are super cool!

He correctly cinching the Ken-hauler on the sled and makes the necessary modifications to take the Barbie car to its maximum potential. After he opens her up to full throttle, you can see exactly how much this bad boy is cranking out at the wheels.

Is it powerful? Goodness, no. But is it funny? Absolutely.

So, in case you were wondering how much power the Barbie Power Wheels “machine” packs, the DBR Dino suggests less than 0.25 hp, while the maximum speed can be reached at a little more than 6 mph.

Video Source: DBR High Performance

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