5 Kinds of Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them

There are many different potential threats when you get behind the wheel of your vehicle and roll on the road. Distraction from another driver may occur, which may cause a collision. Someone in front of you in traffic may suddenly slam on the brakes or rough weather can cause poor visibility and traffic accidents. You should be aware of the different types of accidents that exist and how to avoid them. Being a safe driver means being prepared for as many eventualities as possible.

The Chain Reaction Accident

Chain reaction accidents can be among the most deadly of all vehicular collisions. Your involvement in one might lead to you calling a Corpus Christi car accident lawyer if the accident happened in that part of the country. The Chain reaction car accident:

  • It often happens on the highway, but it can also take place on local roads
  • It is more likely to happen when there is not enough space between the vehicles

With an accident like this, one car could hit another. Then the cars coming up will strike either of the first two vehicles. This can lead to catastrophic crowds on the highway, with many injuries.

There are two ways to try to avoid such an accident. The first is to reduce speed. If you exceed the speed limit, you have a better chance of stopping in time, if that happens in front of you.

The other thing to do is not tailgate the car ahead of you. Defensive driving means keeping a sufficient distance between yourself and other vehicles. You should never ride the bumper of another vehicle, or it could happen.

The Single-Car Accident

It would seem that getting into an accident when there aren`t any other cars around would be challenging. It happens more than you might think, though. These accidents can occur:

  • If you`re talking on the phone while driving
  • If you`re adjusting the car`s temperature or the radio station
  • If you`re talking with someone in the vehicle and not paying attention to the road
  • If an animal jumps out in front of the car unexpectedly

A single-car accident might involve running the car off the road, into a divider, or into a ditch. The way to avoid them is to pay attention to the road and not to allow any distractions.

If your focus is anywhere else besides the road ahead, that is the perfect recipe for a single-car accident.

The Sideswipe

Sideswiping another vehicle most often happens when a driver tries to change lanes, and they don`t notice a car beside them. That vehicle being in their blind spot is the most common reason this takes place.

The way you can avoid it is to check your blind spot whenever you are about to switch lanes. Some vehicles come with blind-spot detection now, which comes in handy in this regard. It will let you know via a visual or an auditory alarm when a car or other large object is in your blind spot.

The Broadside Collision

Some people refer to the broadside car accident as a T-bone, named after the T-bone steak. One car is driving in one direction, while another vehicle drives at them from the side and strikes them squarely.

This kind of car accident often occurs when a driver sees that there are a changing traffic light and drives through a red signal. The other driver likely will not have the reaction time to get out of the way.

This is also one of the car accident types that has a high fatality rate. That is because if you hit a vehicle broadside with your car, you might make solid contact with the driver or the other passengers. If you are driving with enough speed, that kind of collision can easily kill or severely injure someone.

To avoid this type of accident, never try to run a light that is about to turn red. Wait at the intersection for the next green light.

Also, never drive while drunk or if you have used drugs. Such accidents also take place with reckless or impaired drivers. Be a responsible driver and never enter the road if you are not in the right condition to drive the vehicle.

There are many types of traffic accidents, but there`s never a good result from any of them. Driving only when you are sober, not distracted, and driving defensively means that you will avoid most of them.

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