64 defects! The Record-breaking Van Was Excluded From Traffic in Germany, Police say

In Germany, the police have the possibility to exclude a car from traffic if they assess that it does not meet the technical requirements, and that is exactly what happened in Lüdenscheid.

The old Fiat van is probably on the road since the invention of the wheel, and police officers were stunned that in the end, they found as many as 64 defects on it, which they say is a German record.

Let’s go in order, some glass surfaces on the car have been replaced with foils, the steering wheel makes strange noises (squeaks) while turning, the parking brake does not work, the body is so bad that parts of the sheet metal fall off, the rear doors are fixed with rubber tape …

The police sent the car to the station for technical inspection, and there the list of errors was supplemented. The brakes had a minimum of functionality, holes the size of a hand were found on the body of the vehicle, several liters of water leaked from the side sills…

Now you are probably wondering how this van passed the previous technical inspection, that is, is this the first example of the sudden aging of a vehicle? The answer is simple, the disputed van was last inspected in Bulgaria, and of course, it has Bulgarian license plates

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