7 Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips – How To Ride Safely

Riding a motorcycle is one of the best ways to enjoy the open road. However, motorcycle riders are 27 percent more likely to collide with a fatal outcome than car riders. Staying safe on the road doesn’t have to be a challenge. You just need to be willing to adjust your routine and driving style. Here are some key motorcycle safety tips that you need to keep in mind both before you hit the road and while cruising the highway.

1. Always Wear a Helmet

One of the first investments that anyone getting into driving a motorcycle needs to make is a high-quality motorcycle helmet. Contact your dealer for advice on the best helmets for your riding style and size.

They are trained to help fit helmets properly for each rider. Even better, they will carry helmets that meet all modern safety standards, so you will never have to worry about investing in equipment that will not protect you.

It is also good to wear gloves, leather jackets, and stiff-soled shoes while driving. This will help protect you from flying debris on the road and will make it easier to control the motorcycle whenever you ride.

The fact that they make you look great while cruising down the road doesn`t hurt either.

2. Check Your Bike Every Time

Anytime you go down the road, your bike gets jostled and vibrated. Over time, components can loosen and shift, putting you at risk while you`re getting up to speed.

Get in the habit of inspecting your motorcycle before every ride.

Check the tires` air pressure and refill them as needed. Secure any loose cargo, gear, or tools you`re carrying with you. Test the brakes and make sure they`re responsive before you pull out of your parking space.

It`s okay if those safety checks take time at first. As long as you go over the details and make sure your motorcycle is in good condition, you`ll be safer on the road.

The safety checks will get faster the more you do them and the more often you ride.

3. Ride Like You`re Driving a Car

Riding a motorcycle is distinctly different from driving a car. Your braking distance is shorter, you`re able to maneuver more easily through traffic, and you`re better equipped to dodge hazardous situations.

However, since your motorcycle is so much more nimble, it can be tempting to engage in more reckless driving tactics.

Instead, ride your motorcycle the same way you`d drive your car. Signal with your lights or use biker hand signals when changing lanes or turning. Start braking sooner so you have more distance between you and the cars in front of you.

When you follow the rules of the road and ride the same way you drive, you`ll be better able to stay safe.

4. Invest in High-Visibility Clothing

Motorcycles take up far less space on the road than even the smallest commuter cars. This means other drivers often have a hard time seeing you even when you`re not in their blind spot.

The best way to combat this is to wear high-visibility clothing even in full daylight.

Invest in a neon safety vest and make sure to wear reflective clothing at night. This will help other drivers notice you more quickly and reduce the likelihood of getting hit.

Keep in mind that no amount of high-visibility clothing will eliminate the risk of getting hit. If you are in an accident, don`t deal with it on your own. Hire a motorcycle accident attorney to represent your case so you can get the treatment and money you deserve.

5. Enroll in a Rider Safety Course

Whether you`re new to riding or you`ve gone on motorcycle rides for decades, it never hurts to take a refresher on motorcycle safety. Enroll in a rider safety course or an advanced riding course and brush up on your skills.

These courses help you review everything from the basic controls of your motorcycle to more advanced defensive riding techniques to help you avoid accidents.

By the end of the course, you`ll know how to ride a motorcycle safely and will gain access to additional motorcycle safety tips that can make you a more successful rider.

6. Never Ride Under the Influence

The law views riding a motorcycle the same way it views driving a car. You need to have a valid license and can never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you do, the police can arrest you for driving under the influence. Depending on your situation, this could result in expensive fines, license suspensions, and even jail time.

Instead, only ride when you`re sober. If you think you`ve had one drink too many or feel that certain medications make it harder for you to ride

7. Ride in Good Weather

Even the most experienced riders find it harder to control their motorcycles in inclement weather. When the roads become slick, it’s easy to lose control and get promoted.

If you do, you risk damaging your bike and, worse, your health.

If you are unsure of your riding ability, avoid riding in bad weather. Check the forecast and use your motorcycle only if the weather is nice and the roads will stay dry.

If you think there is a chance of a heavy downpour or you see ice collecting on the asphalt, take a car or find another way to get where you need to go.

Keep These Motorcycle Safety Tips in Mind

Nothing beats the feeling of wind on your face as you cruise down the road. You just need to be careful and drive carefully every time.

Road safety must be a priority for every motorcycle rider. Keep these motorcycle safety tips in mind and you will be on the right track.

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