Bugatti Etiron, the Bugatti That Makes Coffee

The Bugatti trademark can inspire and express prestige, not only on cars but also on various objects.

And the house of Molsheim, which a few years ago has inspired the Portuguese designer Fabio Martins, which, during the first semester of the Product Design Masters of the Faculdade de architecture biennial from the Universidade de Lisboa chose branding for his project of a home object of a different sector than the one of origin.

Martins has chosen Bugatti and applied it to an espresso machine, the Nespresso C100 Essenza, revolutionizing the design.

Because the machine is inspired by the Bugatti Chiron, it comes in the same color as the car, and the “front of the car” is perfectly embodied. The rear of the Etiron also follows the line of the car, and to emphasize the car’s DNA, the designer even detailed the “chassis” of the coffee machine, imagining the interior architecture of the device.

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