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4 Beaches To Visit After The Summer Season Is Over!

Out-of-season travel brings great benefits, especially due to lower accommodation prices and flights. The weather may be a little more unpredictable than the season, but whether you get a combination of a beach with a book and coffee in hand or a walk along the coast with the sounds of the waves, European beaches are waiting for you. Balos Beach, Crete, Greece …

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Runnin’ Moonshine: How Real Racing Began; The Birth of NASCAR

I am sure most of you know the old American Folk Tales and Legends of the moonshiners. Those like the Balled of Thunder Road, the tale of Junior Johnson, and of course the tale of “Copperhead Road.” However, do you know the true story of the Moonshiners? Who they really were, why they made moonshine? Do you know the type of cars …

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Cola Drinks Are Dangerous For Human Health But You Can Use Them In Many Other Useful Ways

The whole world knows about Coca-Cola. It is the most famous product in history and the most frequently used phrase after “HELLO”. The company ensures that it is easier to find or buy coke than drinking water in some countries around the world. The company has made sure to advertise itself as environmentally friendly and socially responsible, but the truth is that …

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