Dodge Charger – American Legend That Lives

Dodge Charger  which is known to be a fan of many people across America

Due to its popularity, it has became one of the most wanted car ever …

In 1966, Dodge introduced the Charger, a model that has been synonymous with luxury and power.

It was one of the few models from Chrysler Group.

Thanks to its great strength, was entitled to the victory in NASCAR competitions and so became one of the most desirable cars in 1966. Also, the Charger was known for his great body, which was good and bad at the same time.

Dodge charger

The size of such cars is allowed passengers a comfortable ride, while the driver is greatly influenced by the management.

However, Charger comes from the family of U.S.,, muscular “cars that are characteristically poor in curves but good on the right track.

The beginning of 1967 year Dodge has brought competition from Chevrolet and Plymouth.

Their models, such as the Camaro and the Road Runner, are influenced by the fact that the sales of Charger reduced to 16,000 copies annually.

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