Father and Son get a REAL Aventador for Christmas

Who says dreams don’t come true …

The Backus family became a hit on the internet when creating their 3D printed Lamborghini, and a well-known Italian company decided to give them the right thing …

The father and son found a common interest in the family garage and decided to make their own version of the Lamborghini because they couldn’t afford a real race car. They used an old Chevrolet car through which they mounted a 3D printed body that was copied from the Aventador model. They recorded the whole production process and their recording is viral and very popular. They filmed the whole production process and their clip is viral and very popular.

The Lamborghini Company saw this and decided to give the Bakus family a brand new Lamborghini Aventador. Of course, they were thrilled to see this car and could not believe they had such an expensive car in their garage, but they also added that they would not give up on their projects and would finish their version of the Aventador.

“We now have a live copy from which to copy the details. Thank you to the Lamborghini Company for the amazing gift that made our dreams come true, “said Sterling Backus.

Source: Lamborghini

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