For Fitness Fanatics: A Special Face Mask For Exercising Is In The Works

For fitness fans who really want to exercise in the gym, maybe there is a solution. American sportswear manufacturer Under Armor is launching a mask that meets the standards of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to allow athletes to protect themselves and others while training. The new product will go on sale in mid-July.

To allow athletes to train with face protection, but without the risk of hypoxia (lack of oxygen), the American brand has designed a special multi-purpose mask, waterproof, which has a special adjustable bridge on the nose to reduce the flow of air to the eyes.

Known as UA SPORTSMASK, the fabric from which the mask is made is thin, light, with a thickened part in the middle that allows air to flow but blocks moisture and sweating. “The fabric used is treated with PROTX2, a non-metallic antimicrobial technology tested in a laboratory to destroy COVID-19,” the press release said.

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