Fuel light – How Many Miles Can You Actually Travel When Your Fuel Warning Light Comes On?

Every driver has felt the dread when the fuel needle hits empty and the warning light glows on the dashboard.

If a yellow light comes on which suggests that the vehicle is in reserve, some drivers will panic and some will experience the last drop of fuel from the tank, which we do not recommend, as frequent driving at a minimum can damage the fuel pump, as well as a fuel filter that can get small impurities or sediment from the bottom of the tank.

Cars don’t immediately shut down as soon as you hit zero as there is usually some fuel left in the tank as a reserve, for this very eventuality.

But, how much further can your car travel when it hits empty?

There is a lot of measurement and research, but only you know how much your car consumes on average, and that is the most important information. It is assumed that there are about 1.3 gallons of fuel left in the reserve, but you will get the exact amount in the simplest way. When the reserve is turned on, quickly at the gas station and fill the tank to the top. Subtract that number from the fuel tank capacity in the factory data. You will get the amount of fuel you have left after the light comes on. Also, look at the average consumption and compare it to the amount of fuel left in your tank.

With some vehicles, you will drive more than 43 miles in reserve, and with others less than 25 miles, and it all depends on your driving style, whether you are driving in the city or on the highway.

1. Ford Fiesta – 38 miles

2. Vauxhall Corsa – 32 miles

3. Ford Focus – 41 miles

4. Volkswagen Golf – 42 miles

5. Nissan Qashqai – 43 miles

6. Volkswagen Polo – 41 miles

7. Vauxhall Astra – 33 miles

8. Audi A3 – 40 miles

9. Mini – 45 miles

10. BMW 3 Series – 44 miles

However, for your peace of mind and safety, it is always good to know how much fuel remains in the tank after the yellow light comes on.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk

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