Let’s Hit the Road: 5 Best Biking Cities for a Great Ride

Some vacations prefer to do their sightseeing on two wheels instead of four. Exploring new cities while cycling can reduce traffic jams over time and avoid consuming fuel or renting a car for sightseeing. There are many reasons to take a bike on your trip and a lot of big cities to do so. Take a look at our list of the best cycling cities to consider for your next cycling holiday.

1. Washington, DC

The capital of our country is definitely high on the list! It’s not just because the traffic is crazy, but because, there is so much you’ will want to see and take in.

Washington is the perfect spot for a relaxing bike ride from monument to monument and museum to museum. You don’t even have to worry about bike racks and the inconvenience of bringing your own, which is especially helpful for those who visit the capital while traveling by plane or another means of public transportation. There are more than 1,800 bikes that you can rent easily.

If you prefer rural riding and mountain biking this is the perfect spot for you too. You can rent a mountain bike and ride more than 185 miles of trails along the Potomac River along the C&O Canal trail.

2. Chicago, IL

The windy city can be an exciting place to explore by bike. The great thing about Chicago is that you can get the best of all worlds here. Ride through the city parks and view the sights in the busy city or take a little longer more relaxed ride and within minutes you can be riding the bike paths to the beach.

You can see the city, enjoy the sights and avoid the headaches of Chicago traffic jams and congested city roads. It is a metro area that takes cyclists into account and gives them the best options for navigating the city.

3. New York, New York

The Big Apple may seem like a crazy place to think about cycling because of the congested roads and concrete city center, but NY actually planned and invested in creating a bike-friendly environment.

In fact, why pay the cost of a taxi or take care of public transportation, when you can easily take in the sight and enjoying the big city that offers more easily than any other way. There are hundreds of miles of trails and bike paths to help you get around the city and it has one of the largest bike programs in the world with over 6,000 bikes that you can take through the city or along the Hudson.

4. Austin, Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas and biking is no different. The Austin Bike Zoo has giant bike butterflies, snakes, and birds to enjoy and is a sight every family member will want to experience.

Ride the Lance Armstrong bikeway or head out on the breathtaking country environment around Austin to enjoy the heat and see the meat of the ranches of Texas.

5. San Diego, California

San Diego also provides the best of both worlds for cyclists. Whether you want city riding or mountain biking this city delivers it all. The Bayshore bike path gives you a beautiful and relaxing ride that includes city sights, views along the bay, beaches, and even a wildlife refuge to enjoy.

You may want to take advantage of their new bike-share program that features more than 1,800 bikes to enjoy or bring a winning bike from home that you’ve been dying to ride somewhere new.

The above cities definitely deserve a place on anyone’s bucket list of the best cycling cities to visit.

Source: www.musclecarszone.com

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