No, Fitted A BMW Grille On Your Kia Sportage Isn’t A Good Idea

The models offered by the Korean manufacturer have not been boring for years. In contrast, some of Kia’s products are very attractive, just look at the Stinger. Although to some, the Kia Sportage looks odd but the “tiger nose” grille gave it no serious attention.

This was obviously heard by one owner of Kia’s, who would very much like to drive a BMW. He decorated that tiger’s nose in the style of a BMW, and you can see the epilogue in the picture. Kia has now got “kidneys” with vertical slats, with an x-shape in the middle.

Kia may compete with BMW and other premium players in some cases in terms of looks, equipment, and even driving characteristics, but this is definitely not the way to do it.

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