Offended Mercedes Owner Demand $200 Million Over Exploding Sunroofs

It’s not at all pleasant when the sunroofs above your head explode while driving.

This was happening with the owner of a Mercedes SUV, a 2015 ML350 model. He filed a lawsuit against the German company, seeking as much as 200 million dollars plus court costs. He claims Mercedes was selling vehicles whose panoramic roofs could break. The plaintiff claims his sister was driving his SUV this past March when the sunroof shattered without warning. It was a sunny day and she was driving on the highway at 54 mph.

Suddenly, she heard what sounded like a shotgun blast inside the vehicle, and, naturally, she quickly pulled over to figure what had just happened. While there wasn’t any external damage, the panoramic sunroof’s glass had already caved in and covered the rear seat.

Instead, the lawsuit claims these large panoramic sunroofs require very precise engineering and strengthening in order to remain safe and secure. Other owners claim that the explosion of the panoramic roof is really a horrible experience, when the sunroofs explode as glass showers the interior, sometimes spilling all over occupants.

Mercedes has not issued a recall on this topic so far. The automaker has not warned owners about the potential of shattering sunroofs, according to the lawsuit. Saint-Gobain Securit, the manufacturer of the mentioned glassmaker, is also sued as part of the lawsuit. further reports that there have been some previous customer complaints but Mercedes has instead offered $250 to $500 in compensation as long as owners opt not to sue. Replacing the panoramic roof costs about $ 2,000.

Source Credits: Car Complaints

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