Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car? Handle Your Petrol Misfuel Problem by Taking These 3 Steps

At first, the idea of putting the wrong fuel in the car sounds ridiculous. Even with current car and truck standards, it’s still an annual problem for a lot of drivers. Mistakes happen and putting the wrong fuel can turn into a costly problem. If the petrol misfuel is a problem, follow these three guidelines to get back on track.

Keep The Engine Off
Do not turn on the engine! If the engine isn’t turned on, the wrong fuel in your car is no big deal. It just sits in the tank and has no contact with the vital parts of the car. This is one of the reasons that it is advised to switch off the vehicle engine when pumping gas. A lot of chaotic things are likely to happen when pouring regular fuel into the car while the engine is running. Imagine what happens when you put the wrong fuel in the tank and how badly it damages the internal parts.

If your car requires the key to be turned a certain amount before unlocking parts of the car, do so, but don’t turn on the engine. You can even safely push your car while the key is in this position, steering it to a better spot to get help. Until the tank is drained, keep a close eye on small things like leaking fuel or strange behavior in the electronics.

Plan Ahead
Misfuelling is a common problem that requires some forward-thinking. Instead of trying to figure it out on the fly, make a plan to ensure the integrity of your vehicle. Here are some of the easiest ways to get rid of the problem with the wrong fuel.

Keep your car charger in a glove box – this is next to your regular car charger. If you forget to bring it, an emergency charger can be a real lifesaver when you get stranded.

Understand the specifics of your car – You should know what position your key needs to be in for full access. This is different than turning on the engine and will give you control of the steering wheel, electronics, and seat controls.

Get insurance with proper coverage – Not all policies will cover a misfuel. Favor contracts that specifically have misfuel coverage or offer it as an optional addon.

Call For Service
Because it is a rising problem, misfuel services have gained a lot of notoriety. They are a lifeline when you need them the most, and can simplify the draining process. At the end of the day, the help of a misfuel company will only cost you a small fee compared to the thousands of a ruined engine. Always follow the specific instructions given by the company so that they can expedite their services.

Wrap Up
With the prior knowledge, you will have all the tools you need to power this small bug. Don’t turn a small problem into a big one by being misinformed about the situation. Let the pros do the heavy lifting, and you’ll have a story to tell for years.


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