Russian loses a bet and drops his G-Wagon from 1,000ft / 300m height

To meet the requirements of lost bets, a Russian dumped his Mercedes Gelandewagen from 300 meters height(1,000 ft), hiring a helicopter to do so. Video is circulating on social networks.

The two men, posing as bloggers, made a bet and the lost man had to drop the vehicle from about 300 meters height, Russian media reported.

The two men hired a Mi-8 helicopter to realize their idea and hung a Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen, estimated at between 9,400 and 17,400 euros. The car then dropped from a height of 300 meters near Peski Airport in Petrozavodsk, Karelia.

In a video uploaded by the media, we see a car hanging on a machine, suspended above the trees. A moment later, the vehicle is taken down and you can observe its fall.

The men were betting back in Moscow, where they reportedly couldn’t do anything like that, so they traveled to Petrozavodsk to realize their idea

To realize this pledge, men would pay almost 250,000 rubles(3,600 euros) for a 20-minute helicopter rental, when the price of a device of this kind typically costs around 160,000 rubles (about 2,300 euros, note).

However, the mystery remains as to what the bet is between the two men. Local police have launched an investigation to clarify the circumstances of this bet.


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