Safety Tips: How To Protect Yourself From Viruses While in Your Car

Before or after each ride, you should carefully disinfect all those parts of the vehicle interior that have come into contact with people or objects from the outside environment.

It is recommended that disinfection be performed with isopropyl alcohol-based agents using a microfiber cloth.

By following very simple tips, you can reduce the possibility of infection to you and your loved ones to a minimum while driving:

– Avoid all unnecessary travel!

– Avoid all unnecessary stops while driving – go straight to your destination!

– Limit the number of passengers in the vehicle!

– If you are driving with someone who is not a member of your household, be sure to wear masks!

– Be sure to disinfect your hands or gloves before entering the vehicle – this applies to all persons entering the vehicle!

– Ventilate the vehicle regularly while driving – keep the windows open at all times if it is warm!

– Regularly clean and disinfect all surfaces that you and your passengers touch in the vehicle!

– Take care of the things you bring into the vehicle – after driving, disinfect all surfaces in the vehicle that have come into contact with them!

– When refueling, be sure to wear protective gloves that need to be removed or disinfected before entering the vehicle!

Vehicle parts to be disinfected:

– Steering wheel

– Transmission

– Handbrake

– Door glass lifters

– Door handles

– Armrests

– Buttons on the control panel (for adjusting the climate, radio, ventilation, etc.)

– Lever or button to open the trunk, fuel tank, seat adjustment

– Door frames

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