Suzuki Lapin Would Really Like To Be A Baby BMW E30

Suzuki Lapin or Suzuki Alto Lapin (another name for this model) is a typical Kei-car intended for the Japanese market and it is not possible to buy this car (officially) in another country.

The car has been produced since 2002 and at that time it even had two generations and a sports version called SS. Basically it is a car that does not attract anyone visually and if you look at it you can see a lot of similarity to the Nissan Pino (also Kei-car) and the Cube model that was sold with us. However, if we look at this copy, then rather none of these cars will come to our minds, because someone wanted to make their small city car look like the BMW E30. How it came out?

In principle, such projects can be included in the category of improvements, but in this case, it is slightly different. The front grill has been completely replaced with one that refers to the E30 and instead of two single lights we now have double headlights. In addition, the classic small kidneys and BMW badge. Someone also replaced rectangular lights with E30 in place of round halogens, which just looks medium, because from below the frame of the original halogens breaks through. Interestingly, the lower radiator inlet has not changed. If you think that this is the end of changes, unfortunately not because the owner went a step further.

The standard rims have been replaced with a set of 14-inch rims from the BMW E30. Interestingly, these are not fakes, but authentic E30 rims. In addition, the car is lowered, has an additional front bumper, and the whole looks very coherently like a key-car rework on the BMW 3 Series. As you can see Suzuki Lapin has a lot of tuning potential and just approach the topic ahead for the car to look interesting. Sure, you can modify the car in many ways and not necessarily make it similar to another model of the premium brand, but let us remind you that we are talking about a small urban car, which by nature does not cause any emotions, and in this case, it is slightly different.


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