The Best Way To Protect Car Headlights From Yellowing and Oxidizing

As time goes on, our headlights become yellower, more blurred, and scratched, which leads to reduced visibility and insecurity while driving. Today, you can polish and fix your headlights in various services, but after a while, they will turn yellow again and will be scratched.

So many are wondering how to avoid this and how to protect their headlights. Although there are many methods, we believe that the best way to protect the headlights is to apply a vinyl film over the headlights. This foil is transparent, does not allow the headlight to oxidize in the sun, and creates protection from all external influences.

The best thing is that this foil is not expensive and that you can always replace it if it is damaged. Inserting the foil can be a bit problematic for some, but we’ll leave you a video clip below to see how it’s easiest to do.

Video Source: M2MDETAIL

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