TikTok Drama: New Footage Of Lambo Driver Alleges He Sideswiped Audi Before She Rear-Ended Him

Surveillance camera footage clearly shows who is to blame for the car accident.

Believe it or not, the driver of the new Audi did not notice the Lamborghini in front of her and crashed into its rear end. Ironically, the Lamborghini Aventador bears the Beep license plate, alluding to the business the owner is doing. This is Matt Heller, owner of HornBlasters, a company that makes powerful sirens and is advertised as a solution for “all small cars whose drivers want their voices heard.

And everything would be fine if one of the participants in the accident did not experience a shock and, to put it mildly, reacted violently. In this case, it was the driver of the Audi, who immediately attacked Heller. In the end, it is good that there are no injuries, and the insurance will probably cover the visible damage to Lamborghini.

All in all, enough to emphasize once again how important it is for a driver in traffic to be focused exclusively on driving. If a minor accident occurs, try to react calmly. First, help the victims, and only then does everything else come up.

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