VW, Audi Find Smart Ways To Thank You For Staying Home

Well-known auto brands have engaged in the fight against coronavirus and urged everyone to keep their distance and be in their homes to prevent the spread of the virus.

The World Health Organization said that a distance of 2 meters between persons is a safe distance at which the coronavirus cannot be transmitted. That’s why VW and Audi companies have decided to send a message to all people in a unique way and ask them to keep their distance and not get together with other people.

These two companies have created redesigned logos that symbolize separation and distance, and have presented them in the form of short video clips that clearly show this.

“At Volkswagen, we traditionally stand together in all crises and support each other. We are confident that together we will find new ways and solutions that will allow us to overcome this crisis. At the moment, it is especially important that we follow the rules of behavior and hygiene with a lot of discipline.
Stay safe – keep social distance! “, Announced the company VW, a similar message was sent and Audi.

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