What’s It Really Like Living With A Fake Lamborghini?

Driving somewhere in a Lamborghini is one way to declare yourself. Of course, cars are some of the most attractive on the streets. However, with this level of attention-getting usually comes a rather steep price. Let’s just sum it up by saying that most average people can’t afford to add a Lamborghini to the barn.

However, there is an alternative for those who are willing to sacrifice a little to get their dream car.

Well, kind of.

Instead of buying a real Lamborghini, the alternative to buying a kit car is out there. Generally based on something like the Pontiac Fiero, some of these car kits look half decent. In most cases, the enthusiast could disassemble such a machine in a fairly short time.

As it is made on an obscure platform, it will probably not sound or look like a real exotic car. However, it may be possible to deceive several passers-by from a distance of about 10 feet. I guess at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the spectators and some people get into their kit cars. In fact, this time, we are informed that even entire communities stand behind such creations.

In this feature from the WINWiki YouTube channel, they take the opportunity to catch up with David Simpson, “truck driver, Cannonballer and best-selling author.” With the character of a Lamborghini Countach kit car, he definitely has a couple of interesting stories to tell.

Let’s just say that owning such a car is a car experience that comes with its own set of nuances. It may not be a car worth $ 300,000, but it certainly is a conversation piece nonetheless.

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Video Source: VINwiki

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