Why Ford Mustang is a legend

Why Ford Mustang is a legend

Europe is looking forward to the appearance of the model

This year Ford Mustang – one of the icons of American cars, marks two very important events.

It celebrates its 50th anniversary and will be presented to the European market for the first time.

The history of the car is filled with interesting facts, we chose those Mustang became a legend.

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The assembly line – the screen

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Just a year after it came into production, the first Ford Mustang debuted in cinema.

The car involved in the famous “Goldfinger” from the series about the legendary spy James Bond.

It quickly became a star for 50 years and has photographed over 500 film productions.

Cheap Home

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In the U.S., car prices have always been perfectly acceptable – in this version, they start at 24,000 dollars.

A first generation model was sold for just 2368 dollars, which quickly gives it an advantage in the market.

One of the “fathers” of the model – Lee Lacocca invented ingenious marketing ploy.

He invites potential customers to see the first prototype of the Mustang, which has not yet been shown to the press. And causes them to set their own price.

Most say the amount of $ 1,000 above that Ford are appointed, are adamant that the car is too small in size and too expensive.

When, however, understand how much they will cost, immediately change their minds, as are a variety of reasons.

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