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The Best Time of The Year to Buy Yourself A New Car

Wondering when is the best time to buy your dream car? Are you thinking of when prices are relatively low? Cars are among the luxury items that one wants to get properly when they are purchasing. It would be best if you monitor your finances carefully and follow up with your local dealership to find out when they have an excess of …

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Dark Knight – Chopper Out Of Hell

If there was a bike getting around that’d look great as a villainous bike in a Hollywood blockbuster, Jamal’s Chopper would fit the bill perfectly. And now, on his second chopper, you’ll never believe that Jamal once hated Harleys. He had always been a fan of Japanese crotch rockets, but it wasn’t until his reluctant ride on a mate’s Fat Boy that …

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The Story Behind the Pontiac Ghost Car, The First fully-sized Transparent Car in America

In 1939, General Motors’ Highways and Horizon’s pavilion at the New York Fair delighted attendees with its vision for the future. Created by Norman Bell Geddes, the Futurama exhibition “predicted” the transportation system of the 1960s, and many of them became a reality. These views of the future included innovations that, at the time, acted like magic – Folding glass, a combination …

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