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2013 Mustang Barbie Power Wheels Fly off a Dyno!

Guys at DBR High Performance usually put a lot of muscle on the dino, including cars like the Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, and even a couple of Jeep Cherokees. In any case, the owner of the shop bought a Barbie Power Wheels vehicle for his daughter and was curious as to what kind of power he was dealing with. The very thought of …

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For Fitness Fanatics: A Special Face Mask For Exercising Is In The Works

For fitness fans who really want to exercise in the gym, maybe there is a solution. American sportswear manufacturer Under Armor is launching a mask that meets the standards of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to allow athletes to protect themselves and others while training. The new product will go on sale in mid-July. To allow athletes to train with …

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Bugatti Etiron, the Bugatti That Makes Coffee

The Bugatti trademark can inspire and express prestige, not only on cars but also on various objects. And the house of Molsheim, which a few years ago has inspired the Portuguese designer Fabio Martins, which, during the first semester of the Product Design Masters of the Faculdade de architecture biennial from the Universidade de Lisboa chose branding for his project of a …

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5 Kinds of Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them

There are many different potential threats when you get behind the wheel of your vehicle and roll on the road. Distraction from another driver may occur, which may cause a collision. Someone in front of you in traffic may suddenly slam on the brakes or rough weather can cause poor visibility and traffic accidents. You should be aware of the different types …

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