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What’s The Best Way To Clean A Windshield If Washer Fluid Is Wrong

It is not always wise to use wiper fluid and wipers to clean up nasty messes that appear on the windshield. In some cases, it merely smears what is probably sticky, gooey grime makes a more significant problem on the glass. In addition, the wipers are now corroded by any substance, creating a dangerous situation when it rains, and you are blinded …

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What’s It Really Like Living With A Fake Lamborghini?

Driving somewhere in a Lamborghini is one way to declare yourself. Of course, cars are some of the most attractive on the streets. However, with this level of attention-getting usually comes a rather steep price. Let’s just sum it up by saying that most average people can’t afford to add a Lamborghini to the barn. However, there is an alternative for those …

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How to Remove Cork and Cork Tiles From Bottle With String Hook

To remove the cork or piece of it from stuck inside of a bottle without breaking it, you need a plastic strip and “male” strength. It has happened to all of us at least once in our lives, trying to open a bottle of wine, the cork stuck inside of a bottle. Although nothing will happen to the wine if the cork …

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