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LeBron James And The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In His Collection

The most popular basketball player in the world – LeBron James, is among the famous fans of expensive and luxury cars. The NBA superstar has 25 cars in his collection, which is not surprising given that he is among the richest athletes on the planet. By the way, James is a fan of older cars, as well as American models, and has …

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Hideous or Hilarious: 7 SUVs Re-Imagined As Sedans

Seven more amazing transformations provided by Budget Direct Car Insurance, an Australian company with a vivid imagination. Most modern crossovers are built on slightly modified car platforms. This information leads to the craziest thoughts, for example, to turn a crossover into a sedan. This is exactly what the designers from the Australian company Budget Direct did. They chose seven of the most …

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The Best Way To Protect Car Headlights From Yellowing and Oxidizing

As time goes on, our headlights become yellower, more blurred, and scratched, which leads to reduced visibility and insecurity while driving. Today, you can polish and fix your headlights in various services, but after a while, they will turn yellow again and will be scratched. So many are wondering how to avoid this and how to protect their headlights. Although there are …

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The 6 Strangest Tunnels In The World – Trees, Caves, and Buildings

Tunnels are not the most fascinating part of the road. They are dark and dull, and we are always looking forward to when they will end, to get back to the sunlight again. However, there are tunnels that can themselves become a tourist attraction. Like those six in the gallery, three of which are for trains. The six most unusual tunnels in …

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2013 Mustang Barbie Power Wheels Fly off a Dyno!

Guys at DBR High Performance usually put a lot of muscle on the dino, including cars like the Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, and even a couple of Jeep Cherokees. In any case, the owner of the shop bought a Barbie Power Wheels vehicle for his daughter and was curious as to what kind of power he was dealing with. The very thought of …

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