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Test Pilot Crashed The New Toyota Supra

The incident occurred on the north arc of the “Nürburgring” Test pilot of Toyota failed to deal with management and crashed the new Supra while crossing the northern arc of the “Nürburgring” reports Autoevolution. The result is a severely damaged front, the driver and his companion were not injured in the incident. The crash occurred …

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500 Mondial Spider – Very rare Ferrari since 1954 goes to auction

The 50s mark major changes for the Scuderia The 50s of the last century mark the era of serious changes to Ferrari, inspired by the successes of other companies betting on more modest 4-cylinder engines. That’s why Enzo Ferrari approves new Aurelio Lamperdi engines, among the cars with such engine, stands 500 Mondial Spider from …

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Porsche 917 concept: new photos of the revised racer

Porsche this year marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary 917 racing model, with a new car concept. In 1969, the German manufacturer produced the first issue of the series (with the designation 917-000), however, on the occasion of this year presented the 917 concept. The original 917 had already won the LeMan race in …

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Denver Officers Can Now Shoot Your Car With A Gps Tracker If You Try To Flee

During their pursuit, they launch their sticky GPS darts on cars fleeing High-speed police persecution threatens other road users and pedestrians. Therefore, the technology developed by the US company Star Chase can be a virtually safe alternative whereby the catching criminals is done by monitoring the car fleeing. During a recently completed pilot program, some …

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