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The Most Sophisticated Technical Cars In History

Some of them are very successful, but others prove to be a complete failure Cars are sophisticated machines, but some of them, in an attempt penetration of the market, are on a new level. Sometimes it turns out to be a successful move, but another time – not so much. There are models that are …

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Australia Gets The First Uber’s Flying Taxis

Melbourne, Australia, will be the first city outside the United States, that will get a Uber’s flying taxis, which will become one of the world’s leaders in public transport. Not only that, in this way will solve the problem of large traffic jams. Melbourne will be the third city to host trials of Uber’s flying …

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Tesla Has A Ready-Made Design For The Auto-Submarine

At the annual meeting of shareholders the company Tesla, which was held yesterday, Elon Musk responded to questions. Among the standard questions about the new models (prototype of the electric jockey, Model Y, Class 8 semi-truck …), there was a very interesting question and, freely we can say, an even more interesting answer. The question …

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