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This Plymouth Duster Was the DHL’s First Delivery Car

Three young men and an two-door Plymouth Duster formed the humble beginnings of DHL. How did it all start? In 1969, just a few months after Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn created a completely new industry by introducing the door-to-door express delivery service. They …

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Basic Tools You Should Invest in for Your DIY Projects

There’s nothing more rewarding than the feeling you get after making something from scratch using your own two hands, or even with a little help from friends or family. The concept of DIY projects is something that everyone should welcome into their lives and take on every once in a while. Not only is it …

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Police in Brazil Shut Down an Illegal Workshop For Fake Sports Cars

The Civil Police of Santa Catarina, Brazil closed a clandestine factory in the city of Itajaí, alleged to be building replica Ferrari and Lamborghini models It should be noted that the sale of replicas of renowned premium brands in Brazil is not unusual. Local factories make both fake clothes and any other accessories that are …

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