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VW, Audi Find Smart Ways To Thank You For Staying Home

Well-known auto brands have engaged in the fight against coronavirus and urged everyone to keep their distance and be in their homes to prevent the spread of the virus. The World Health Organization said that a distance of 2 meters between persons is a safe distance at which the coronavirus cannot be transmitted. That’s why …

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Richard Petty’s NASCAR race cars

Richard Petty, nicknamed The King, is the most decorated driver in NASCAR history and one of the most respected names in NASCAR. His unbeaten record includes 200 race wins, seven of which were in the Daytona 500 along with seven NASCAR championships. His great attitude on the track and in public eye gained him millions …

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Father and Son get a REAL Aventador for Christmas

Who says dreams don’t come true … The Backus family became a hit on the internet when creating their 3D printed Lamborghini, and a well-known Italian company decided to give them the right thing … The father and son found a common interest in the family garage and decided to make their own version of …

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