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The Seized Cars Of The Dictator Go To The Auction

In the position of the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue has damaged the state for hundreds of millions of dollars and eased his life in abundance. Along with numerous luxury properties, included totally meaningless things such as the purchase of Michael Jackson’s sculpture. At that time, he found time for hobbies, …

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Check Out The Most Expensive Fined-Parking In The World!

The Monaco police seized all of these supercars The Internet is gaining popularity in a video showing a car park in Monte Carlo, which can claim the title “the most expensive” in the world. There are around 70 supercars and other luxury cars parked. The video was published by the famous blogger Shmee150. It turns …

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver and five-time Formula One world champion The five-time Formula 1 champion conceals many secrets … Formula One star Lewis Hamilton is also dominant in this year’s championship and currently has the most points won, so we would not be surprised to win and his sixth title. Hamilton is …

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What are The Telltale Signs of a Non-Roadworthy Car?

Just as you show the symptoms that you are too sick to go to work; Your vehicle has several ways to let you know when it’s not suitable for the road. The answer is to keep your eyes, ears, nose, and hands open to find out if you own a non-roadworthy car. Always check the …

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Retro trick: Modern Car Race shot with Super 8mm film

Forget the clear and sharp images of high resolution with optical image stabilization. This is something for just over 40 years Do you know what the Super 8 camera is? If you do not know, ask an older one, and if you hate this, here is a brief explanation. It is a type of video …

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